“Individual Burial” area:



Monday through Friday 8 am to 4 pm

  • Please contact us for transportation options.
  • Horses can be euthanized by your Veterinarian on site,
    or transported to Rush Inter Pet when deceased.
  • Graves are not opened until the horse is on site.
  • Simpler burial is available in another area of the pet cemetery.
  • Graves within the pet cemetery are well maintained.
  • The plot location is recorded.
  • Permanent care fee is included.
  • A deed restriction on this property means that it may
    only be used for pet cemetery purposes.
  • The pet cemetery is open for visitation from dawn to dusk.
  • A memorial headstone may be placed. Memorial headstones can be purchased directly from Rush Inter Pet.
  • Horse hair keepsakes are available.