Small Urns

Small Pet Urns

This shows just a few of the urns that we have available.  Please call us at 533-1685 for more information or to make an appointment to see our entire collection of urns.

petcemeteryURNSTop of Cabinet (left to right):

  • Rock urn (Is not real rock; very nice for outdoors) $75.00  Larger size to right is $85.00
  • Grapevine pattern (Plastic). $32.00
  • Large blue ceramic in back (At right is large green ceramic)$95.00
  • Dog house (Cute!). $200.00

Top Shelf (left to right):

  • Very small on left are marble keepsakes which only hold a pinch. $20.00
  • Next small urns are for very small pets, ferrets, hamsters, etc. $25.00
  • Pewter in back is traditional, elegant, and can be engraved. $150.00
  • Ceramic white seated cat with head turned, also comes in black. $70.00
  • Rose cultured granite urn  $70.00
  • In back is hand-thrown ceramic, top looks like basket weave. $275.00
  • Back/right is metal urn w/ bronze finish, can be engraved.$115.00
  • Sleeping cat on blue pillow (Pillow can also be red or green). $140.00
  • Front/far right is naturally colored cultured granite urn (Also in green, rose or gray). $90.00

petcemeteryURNSBottom Shelf (left to right):

  • Real marble in red color with lighter colored veins (Other colors also available). $60.00
  • Walnut box with cat figurine (Many figurines available), also can have an engraved plaque. $140.00
  • Round cherry urn is real wood   $100.00
  • Small ceramic kitten (Comes in black or white). $40.00
  • Corona urn with metallic luster glaze containing 22k gold. $140.00
  • Verdigris (Green or blue) brass. $60.00
  • Lotus blossom (Painted brass). $60.00
  • Solid oak box in back has yarn ball engraved. $90.00***
  • Real marble urns – many colors available. $60.00
  • Horizontal oak box with picture window (Very popular!) $65.00***
  • Large white ceramic cat (Also comes in black). $80.00