To Polly and Julie at Rush Inter Pet,

Thank you for the care and compassion you provided during the difficult days that followed the passing of my beautiful baby, Athena. The gorgeous urn, fur clipping, and paw print were amazingly generous and will help keep her close and provide comfort during our continued grief.

It is clear that she was handled gently, with dignity and quiet respect. The extra time Julie spent just listening was so very touching as well.

Please pass on our gratitude and well wishes to all of your staff, especially those who assisted you with caring for Athena. I wish I had more than these humble words to convey my deepest, heartfelt thanks, but as Athena was so precious, nothing could do her justice, nothing could do my gratitude the same.

You will all be in my prayers and I wish you nothing but the best.

With my eternal thanks,

Kristin P.


I have a couple pets interred in Rush Inter Pet Cemetery and I visit and walk my new dog around the pet cemetery almost every day, even in the winter.

I cannot get over how well kept the pet cemetery is. It is just beautiful. They are always doing something to improve the grounds or the long driveway leading to the pet cemetery. I frequently see the Owners, and they are always willing to spend a few minutes chatting with me.

My dog is never happier than when we are walking around the gentle rolling hills of the grounds, and she loves to see the miniature farm animals as we drive up the driveway.

It is absolutely my pleasure to visit Rush Inter Pet Cemetery.

Ray S.


When Binky, my dear rabbit, left me, she was just five years old. The loss was unbearable at first, but I was determined to never forget her. She had brought so much joy into my life. I knew I wanted to cremate her right away, but didn’t know where to start. A quick online search brought me to Rush Inter Pet Cemetery & Crematory. I didn’t think anyone would answer at 8:15 in the morning, but the woman’s voice told me to bring her in.

When I arrived with Binky, Kyle greeted me, opened the container she was in and petted her as if she were still alive. He asked me what were my wishes for her remains. As I wanted to cremate her, Kyle showed me the numerous urns that were available. They were all so beautiful and reasonably priced. After choosing an urn, Kyle described the entire process and said I could pick her up the next day. I was in tears when I first arrived, barely able to tell of her last day, but as I left, I felt comforted and at peace.

The next day when I arrived to pick up Binky, I drove around the pet cemetery. What an incredible place!! It truly illustrates the enormous amount of love a person can have for their pet.

Binky’s urn, which is a handmade scene of a bunny sitting under a bush, sits on a window sill in my dining room. She loved to sit and look out of the window. I don’t feel like she is “gone” anymore.

I would like to thank Kyle and those who prepared my loved one for cremation at Rush Inter Pet for their kindness, support, and for the special treatment I received in my time of need. Their thoughtfulness will never be forgotten.

Marcie W.


Dear Polly & Staff,

We would like to thank you all for the kindness and consideration you have shown us through this difficult time of losing our Molly.

You truly helped ease the pain during this trying time.

We want you to know that you are very appreciated and we will never forget you!

Jim & Sandy T.


Dear Polly and Staff of Rush Inter Pet Cemetery,

Losing a beloved pet is always heartbreaking and sad under any circumstances. And in today’s time with modern technology and medical advances, our “furry companions” are with us for many years, sharing their unconditional love and friendship. After they’re gone comes the difficult decision of how to honor their lives and remains. Some people use their backyards, others a park, some even keep their pets’ ashes forever at home; and then there are those, like us, who need a more significant, official place of rest … a pet cemetery.

Your pet cemetery gave us the “sigh-of-relief” that our pets would always be safe, undisturbed and continually cared for in a place of beauty. We were, and have been, fortunate to find you! The Rush Inter Pet Cemetery filled our needs perfectly. The lush, serene grounds feels just like a park; the entry-road appropriately titled “Memory Lane” is inviting; and with the birds singing, leaves rustling in the breeze, and the rolling acres of beautifully landscaped plots, stones, benches and statutes is so peaceful and beautiful to see.

Now that we’ve laid another beloved companion to rest, we would like to express our sincere thanks and gratitude for your services, compassion and exceptional care you and your staff have always given us. We initially met you the summer of 1991 when our first pet passed. Over the years as we visited the cemetery, we can definitely say you and your staff have consistently shown the same high level service, compassion and care. The Rush Inter Pet Cemetery is, in our opinion, a treasure for the community.

It may sound funny to some people that a pet’s passing could be so emotional, but all of you know how significant our pets become – a member of the family! Our lives have changed since they’ve passed away and the journey difficult, but knowing our Fritz and Samson are in your “aftercare,” brings comfort and has helped lift our saddened hearts.

Again, thank you so much for everything, it has been deeply appreciated.


The Koenigs


Dear Polly, Julie and Kyle,

I have no words to express my gratitude for all you did for me and my sweet “Mariah”.

Julie, I so appreciate that you met me on a on a Sunday so I could bring “Mariah” in. Her passing was so unexpected. She was such a testimony to unconditional love. Kyle, you are such a shoulder to cry on. And Polly, you are so generous.

The three of you show such devotion to animals and such loving kindness to those of us whose hearts are saddened.

Thank you,Jeanne Y.