Our Story

  Rush Inter Pet Cemetery was established in 1979 by Charles and Nancy Hanna. As operators of a pet boarding kennel in the small town of Rush, NY, Nancy also became the town’s dog warden. Sadly, some of the stray pets needed to be buried, so she began burying them in one of the Hanna’s unused fields. At that time (over 35 years ago), “everyone” buried pets at home, but the idea sparked Charles’ mind and he decided to research the need for a pet cemetery in the
Rochester, NY area.

  It took about two years of thought, research, paperwork, and planning the actual cemetery layout; then the family had to commit their land for the pet cemetery use; and their personal time to be available to the public. The zoning approvals were granted, and Rush Inter Pet Cemetery was opened. The first interment was in April of 1980.

  As a professional land surveyor, Charles wanted a unique layout for this unique business. As a beekeeper, he was intrigued by the hexagonal shape used in honeycomb by bees, and he spent countless hours designing the pet cemetery layout in this absolutely unique manner.

  After working for five years as a veterinary technician; daughter Polly joined the business in 1981.
Rush Inter Pet Cemetery is now the final resting place for more than 4500 family pets including; birds, ferrets, exotic pets, cats, dogs and horses. Pets may be interred in caskets; or pets may be cremated first, then the “cremains” interred.

  Memorial headstones of bronze or granite are available.

  In 1985, Rush Inter Pet was featured nationally on television and in newspapers; as Charles and daughter Polly Hanna were instrumental in the writing of the “Basic Standards of Operation” for higher quality pet cemeteries for the International Association of Pet Cemeteries. Beautiful
Rush Inter Pet was the perfect spot for the media attention and many photographs which were published in newspapers across the Nation; and as far away as England and Germany.

  Also in 1985, Rush Inter Pet installed their first state of the art pet crematory. Two crematories are currently used.

   Rush Inter Pet Cremation services are exemplary. Pets are carefully handled and are separated from each other during all of the cremation process.

  Clients may see the crematories, or attend the cremation of their pet, by appointment. A large selection of cremation urns is available in our showroom.

  After Charles’ death in 1998, daughter Polly purchased the family business from her mother, Nancy. Sadly, Nancy died in October of 2013. Daughter Polly continues to proudly own and operate Rush Inter Pet, Inc. She has a great deal of help from her son Kyle, as well as excellent full time employees, Julie and Seth, and a few other part time helpers.

  Please contact us for any further information. All services are by appointment. The pet cemetery is open for visitation from dawn to dusk.

We thank you for your interest!